Conor Hanratty und Eleftheria Ioannidou

Epidaurus EncountersGreek Drama, Ancient Theatre and Modern Performances

325 Seiten (Printausgabe)

Erscheinungsjahr 2011


This volume presents a substantial overview of recent postgraduate research carried out in Europe within the areas of Classics and Theatre Studies. In the past decade the encounter between these two disciplines has reinvigorated the study of antiquity and its modern reception. The European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (Arc-Net) has, since its foundation in 1997, greatly enhanced this kind of dialogue between academics and students from different disciplines and universities. Epidaurus has been the site of many such encounters, as it has been the home of the Network‘s highly-successful Summer Course since 2002, bringing together students, theatre professionals and academics from all over Europe. The papers in this volume were given at the first ever Work-in-Progress Forum organised by the Network, marking the fifth anniversary of the Summer Course. As the product of various encounters between ideas, disciplines, research projects and theatre fieldwork itself, the volume aims to foster continued interdisciplinary dialogue and to encourage further encounters among readers in all fields.

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    ISBN: 978-3-938880-38-8